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Facts Every Beer Lover Should Know

Enhance your beer knowledge with our glossary

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Hops add to the aroma, dryness and bitterness of the beers

Water represents 90 - 95% of the finished beer

Brewing is more of an art than a science. The procedure of brewing has remained the same since the medieval times. The basic recipe and method of beer making is simple and very straightforward. Barley is converted into malt; the malt is then cooked in hot water. After this hops are added as flavoring and preservation agents. Finally, yeast is added for fermentation.

Beer is made up of four important ingredients that include malt, yeast, hops and water. Discover the joy of beer tasting and get to know your favorite beer with some of simple beer tasting tips:

  • Start by examining the color and the head of the beer which will indicate the malt content of the beer.

  • Next discover and appreciate the aroma of the beer.

  • Finally, rejoice the amazing taste of beer. Discover the different tastes of beer and appreciate the artistry, skill and technique of producing different styles of beer.

  • Beer: A generic term that includes all malt beverages

  • Malt: Grain that has been rendered soluble after soaking, during which partial germination occurs

  • Brewing: Malt is clarified and boiled to convert starches into fermentable sugars

  • Bottom-fermentation: Accomplished at lower temperatures, and requires a primary and secondary fermentation

  • Top-fermentation: This requires two stages. The first process is maturing. In the next step, the cask is sealed to allow natural carbonation with occasional dry-hopping.

Malts are the foundation of beer, determining the color and body

Yeast converts the grains' sugars into alcohol

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